Definitive review: first 10 levels of WAR as a WOW fan

[Disclaimer] The title is clear: I only played through ten levels of the game, and I am a Wow fan. I also never played a Warhammer game before that. And I know that the game might also turn into a completely different experience later on, but this is a “first impressions” review.

So how should I approach such a loaded review?
I’m a World of Warcraft fan (not a fanboy, there’s a difference) and Warhammer Online is the first really credible threat to Blizzard’s hegemony in the MMO space in four years. I would like to give Wow players an idea of the experience of discovering the game the same way I did…
Got it! A “step by step” review with interweaving of good / bad points, with personal commentary. It will allow me to detail most of the game’s features in a way that will be relevant to the Wow crowd. This is the bestest idea ever, I can feel it! Let’s see if it works…


October 3rd, 2008 | 14 Comments

Rant: Believing the earth is 5000 years old is not ok

Freedom of thought is essential. Anyone should be allowed to put forth any idea and not be ridiculed or shun for it. This is how our world advances, and that’s the way it should be. It’s a given in any “free society”.

That being said, what starts out as a good intention can be perverted. This can bring us to accept an idiocy as a respectable theory. When something as asinine as “the earth is 5000 years old” becomes a somewhat accepted opinion, we, as a society, have to put our foot down.


September 18th, 2008 | 64 Comments

Rant: I'm a fatist!

Rants are supposed to be semi-rational angry spiels, and I don’t expect everyone will agree. I’m just having a bit of fun (and maybe trying to make a point?) but if I offend anyone I apologize in advance if I do.

First, let me make a couple of things clear:

  • I think obsessing over the looks of photoshoped models is ridiculous and unwarranted.
  • I really bare no ill will to anyone, I love all people of all shapes and sizes.

That being said, I’m tired of people who think being overweight is an uncontrollable curse. I’m not talking about people who have a few extra pounds. Or even three dozens. I’m talking about obese people who think it just happened to them. No, it didn’t. Listen to me: the reason why you are fat is… wait for it… because you EAT TOO MUCH!


August 29th, 2008 | 5 Comments