I’m a French podcaster who mainly comments on tech and gaming.
This site is just my personal blog, you won’t find podcasts here!
You can find my French language shows on frenchspin.fr.
You can find my English language shows on frenchspin.com.
I also co-host a few fun shows with some friends.
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About Patrick

I started podcasting in 2006. It was just one show at first, but things quickly got “out of hand”, and I found myself doing a bunch of French and English language shows. Tech, gaming, movies, international politics… I am interested in many things, and this is what podcasts are about: passion.

In 2014, content creation on the Internet had become viable, and I had enough experience that I though I could try and go full time. I turned to the community, and asked if they were willing to finance my efforts. The crowdfunding bet was successful, and I am now fueled by the people that enjoy what I do. No better place to be.

Today I produce and host a half dozen shows (and co-host in a few more). Two examples:
– Le rendez-vous Tech is a French language tech news show that summarize and analyses the tech news, which is so essential to understanding how our world turns.
– The Phileas Club is an English language show where people from different countries and cultures get together and discuss the main news from their corner of the earth. And when we disagree, we listen to try and understand more than we strive to convince.

If you want to find out more about the shows I do, they’re all on the sidebar to the left!

For the larger story, I was born in Lebanon in 1973. I am French and have lived in four or five different countries. I speak French and English really well, Japanese kind of OK, and I’m learning Swedish so I can understand what my lovely Finnish wife says when she’s angry.

About podcasting

If you don’t know what podcasting is, here’s a crash course: podcasting is to radio as blogs are to newspapers. More personal, more nimble, more focused, more engaging. Only good things, right? 🙂

Where else can you get someone to discuss tech news for an hour at a time? Podcasts cater to an audience that knows what it wants and chooses to listen. The content doesn’t need to be dumbed down.

The hosts are also incredibly authentic. There is no barrier between them and the audience; no “radio voice” or funny inflections. A good show will make you fell like you’re sitting down at a table with friends and discussing something you love. It really quite a unique type of media.

Oh, and also, podcasts are really really fun. Don’t believe me? Try one!

Ethical statement

I strive to give listeners an educated and independent opinion on the topics I cover, so I don’t have any direct relationships with the PR or Marketing departments of the companies I talk about. And since I don’t have to review many products, I also don’t ask for nor receive review version or similar benefits (be they devices, games, press trips, etc). Games, products and services I discuss are thus entirely paid with my own money.

It should be noted however that while these rules are precious to me, they are not absolute (I’m not the dogmatic type). If I accept something from a third party however, it will obviously be clearly mentioned.


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