Rant: I'm a fatist!

Rants are supposed to be semi-rational angry spiels, and I don’t expect everyone will agree. I’m just having a bit of fun (and maybe trying to make a point?) but if I offend anyone I apologize in advance if I do.

First, let me make a couple of things clear:

  • I think obsessing over the looks of photoshoped models is ridiculous and unwarranted.
  • I really bare no ill will to anyone, I love all people of all shapes and sizes.

That being said, I’m tired of people who think being overweight is an uncontrollable curse. I’m not talking about people who have a few extra pounds. Or even three dozens. I’m talking about obese people who think it just happened to them. No, it didn’t. Listen to me: the reason why you are fat is… wait for it… because you EAT TOO MUCH!

Here’s the thing: the volume of food one is expected to ingest each day is ridiculous. This is, of course, especially true in the US. I know America is the country of hamburgers and fast food (both of which I do enjoy), but it still surprises me. Servings are insane. I’m not sure how it got to that point, but they are what you need for your meal, and then twice as much on top of that. Almost feel like puking and you’re not done? Just take it home! You paid for it, you might as well, right? And food is everywhere: street, movies, hardware store… So much time during the day spent not having meals; why not grab a giant snack? Do we really need candy bars at the checkout counter at Best Buy? Really?

I guess one might grow accustomed to it and think this is “normal”. Let me assure you, it’s not. I know I might catch some flack for saying this, but normal means “conforming to a standard level” and that is exactly my point: in most of the world this is, in technical terms, “way too f***ing much”.

And I realize there are real issues at stake here. The question “should one person pay for two seats” might seem funny but it is a serious one. I also know that cheap food is often the worst, which strains the lower class. But some people try to equate this with racism or homophobia, as if being overweight was completely out of our control. I’m sorry but as much as I feel for the trouble of our horizontally challenged friends, I just cannot bring myself to care as much. America is the place where people take responsibility and action; how about getting off the couch and laying off the cheetos?

So to the guy who uses this annoying electric scooter to move around the mall because he can’t muster the energy to carry his own weight: next time you say “you’re a fatist!” I’m gonna stab you in the arm. And you probably won’t feel a thing…

PS: I am also aware that there are clinical cases, but until you show me a medical file with your name on it I’m going to assume that you’re just fat.

August 29th, 2008