How knowing about bacn is saving my life

So I was at the new media expo last week, and Veronica mentioned the fact that she had too much bacon on her computer. At first I thought this was another one of those American things like, you know, when you need to deep fry your cheese and wrap it in solid high fructose syrup to enjoy it. I figured she had left some of the bacon dip from her “BBQ style cereals” on the desk or something. But it turns out it wasn’t quite that.

She was actually talking about “bacn”. And if you don’t know what bacn is, let me fill you in. Bacn is kind of like spam, except it’s the kind you sign up for. Twitter saying you have more imaginary friends, forums telling you that DeathStar34b replied to your thread about the practicality of Klingon motorcycle helmets, or Facebook letting you know that people need you to be a zombie-pirate or want to buy you for thirteen bucks or so.


August 25th, 2008 | 5 Comments