Better person

Yesterday I took an important step in my life: I decided to become a better person. And it worked! Today I woke up, took a look at my new machine, and felt like I was better than most people already. 🙂

Unlike some might think, I have never owned a Mac before. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while; partly out of curiosity, but also for podcasting purposes. So yesterday I finally jumped and payed twice the price of the PC equivalent, feeling horribly guilty for it (I’m not a wealthy man), but at the same time very excited to finally see what it’s really about, up close and personal.

I’m a big fan of my iPhone and iPad, but I have to say that I do feel like a bit of a douche bag now, having the complete set. Kind of like Joey in that Friends episode where he was wearing Porsche clothes from head to toe. Chandler told him something like: “did a Porsche throw up on you?!”… Do you remember that episode?
That’s a bit how I feel: like Apple threw up on me. It feels a bit dirty, I have to say. Now let’s see if the magic of Apple and Steve’s mind can wash away the hipsteritis, take me into their loving arms and show me why this is so much cooler than my awesome Windows7.

I’ll give you a preview of my first impressions though: it’s a computer.

November 27th, 2010