Something’s gotta give…

Dear all,

I’ve written this message two or three times already, so I’ll keep it short and as pain-free as possible. If you want to know more, I’ve included parts from the relevant emails below.

So here it is: The Movielicious and The Phileas Club are going on indeterminate hiatus, and likely won’t be coming back. I have loved and still love both shows (and the wonderful hosts) a whole damn much; one is some of the most fun I’ve ever had, and one is some of the most interesting discussions I’ve ever had. And I have loved and still love the communities that have formed around these “daring” endeavors even more. To all of you reading this; if I could kiss you right now, I honestly would. Like, full on. Even the guys. Just as an unwanted thank you.
But still, with many things to take into account, I have made the decision that I needed to take a breather somewhere, and that’s the only place I could find room. And hey, three and four years aren’t bad runs, right? We’ll always have the memories (some silly, some horrific, some fascinating), and if I ever find a way to bend the space-time continuum to get more hours out of a day, I’ll seriously consider resurrecting the shows. In the mean time, you’ll be able to find all episodes in RSS and iTunes form, hopefully forever.

There are two things this doesn’t mean though:
– It doesn’t mean this was a wanted or easy decision. Far from it. Tears might even have been shed, but it’s ok cause I’m French and love chick flicks anyway. Also, I said “maybe”, alright? “Maybe” means it’s not for sure. There might have not been any tears at all for all you know, so quit harassing me.
– It doesn’t mean I’m “retiring”. Probably the opposite in fact. First, I’m still doing my French shows (hey, a chance to learn a new language!), second I’m still happy to guest on any show that will have me (guesting is way easier than producing), and third, down the line it’ll hopefully give me more time to write blog articles, do videos, create silly one off things, etc.

So there you go; as promised, below is the long version. Hugs to all!

Portion of the email I sent Nicole, Turpster and Kichelle:


I’ve been feeling it for a while, but that incident was a wake up call: I think I’m doing too much (and I’m not 20 anymore), and I think I need to slow down, at least for a bit. I’ve been having small health issues for a few months, and I’m starting to think they are at least partly stress related; this was the straw that broke the camel’s back (I’m the camel in that metaphor), so I took a long hard look at everything I was doing and I came to the conclusion that I had to cut down on some of it.
Between my “real” job and the shows I produce, I only have a couple of hours left in the day where I’m not working or sleeping, and I’m finally realizing this probably isn’t sustainable, or healthy, in the long term. I’ve been doing it for three years and I’ve been really good (adamant in fact) about missing as little shows as possible, even when it was painful or difficult or just plain silly (doing the Movielicious when my back was broken was completely idiotic, I now realize). I keep thinking that the shows are only a couple of hours a month, but they’re really not; as you know there’s a lot of preparation / pre-production / post-production / editing / publishing that goes into it as well. It might be better if I only had to show up (like “lazy T” does), but I’m not even sure it be would at this stage. I thought I could do it forever, but it might be a good idea to take a break on some of those things before it’s “too late”: I’ve always thought those things were silly, but now I believe my body might be “telling” me to slow down before something really bad happens.

I’ll cut it short: I think I’m going to put production of The Movielicious and The Phileas Club on indeterminate hiatus. I’m thinking at least until the end of the year to see how things go, but possibly longer. You guys know how much I love these shows and how big a part of my life they have become (especially since I don’t have as much contact with the English podcasting community, and you two specifically, since I stopped my WoW shows), so you’ll know that it’s absolutely killing to even be thinking about this. It’s like leaving The Instance and How I WoW all over again… I feel like it is abandoning a part of me which I don’t want to lose, it’s honestly very painful. So I haven’t taken the decision yet, but I’m leaning towards it and wanted to let you know, and get your feeling on it.


Note: Nicole briefly considered taking over production of the show (which I was all for), but ended up deciding against it after discussing with Mark: “the show is all of us or not at all” (I’m paraphrasing). I was touched. 🙂

Portion of the email sent to the main Phileas Club co-hosts:


So I’ve been presented with an impossible dilemma: you all know I’m sure how much I love all my shows, the passion that drives me and the enjoyment I get out of being part of the community. I’ve been deeply committed to each one, and I’ve been incredibly proud to be able to contribute, in my modest way, to our world of podcasting. So when the time comes to make a choice in what to step back from, you can imagine that it is quite painful. My “real job” is of course a no-go, you know, ‘coz I gotz bills to pay. My French shows are an important part of our initiative, and have a larger impact on those efforts. And my English shows allow me to be part of a community that I love beyond words, and which has honestly changed my life since I joined it in 2006. Three years ago I’ve had to give up one of my favorite things in the world (being part of the public WoW community), and I coulnd’t imagine letting go of more of it.
Yet I have little choice: I know that I have to let go of *something*, and The Movielicious and The Phileas Club are the “lowest hanging fruits”. It’s been an incredibly painful few days for me, trying to finally come to accept that decision. I’ve had to remind myself many times that while soldiering on is good and courageous, I should also be concerned with what’s at play in the long run. If it wasn’t for that, I swear I would be doing even more than I am doing now. I have ideas for shows that I’ve wanted to do for years, and it makes me truly sad that I’m having to cut back even more… But as I said, I feel I have to.

Now for the ridiculously emotional part (for me): The Phileas Club has been around for over four years now (I had to check, I can’t believe it’s been that long). During that time it has been my immense privilege and honor to work with all of you and many more people whom I have an enormous respect for. I’m very very very proud of what we have accomplished together, realizing the vision of the show by showing that fundamentally different opinions can be discussed rationally and that different cultures can enrich, rather than antagonize, one another. And most of all, that important matters can be fun and interesting at the same time, and that “the news” doesn’t have to be a chore. For all of that, and for allowing me to bring this vision to life, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This show, I think, has something really special, and even if it never comes back I’d like to think we can all be proud it.



August 31st, 2012
  • As a french (fan), I think I would say : “woot! cool! Patrick is totally investing his time in french podcasts!”. But it’s not so easy. Probably because The Phileas Club and Movielicious were good ways for me to improve (a little, sure…) my english. So, I think it’s suitable to say : “Thanks for everything you do to fill our days with yours shows” 🙂

  • Ryan Glass

    Clearly an immensely tough decision; very sad to see you end things but glad it’s happening on your terms. Thanks for everything you did to inspire those of us who took up podcasting because of hearing your shows.

  • Richarddouglasmoore

    Sad to hear it and will certainly miss the shows, but as a retired guy I certainly understand.
    I wish you well in every part of your life  Patrick.

  • Leralondmail

    I agree with richarddouglasmoore, i couldn’t have said it better.  i will miss you, but i understand and i also wish you the very best in every part of your life.

  • Very sad to hear this. I loved both shows in many ways, movielicious was the one moviepodcast I listened to, and the phileas club inspired me to look from a different perspective. Patrick thank you so much for all those experiences, I will miss hearing your voice regularly. Take your well deserved break and be well, happy and healthy. Have a great journey sir. 

  • nfevrier

    Merci pour les bons moments 🙂

  • Justin v.O.

    While I will totally respect your choices, I am truly going to miss the phileas club. I really enjoyed all the different viewpoints and aspect of the international news. Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into the different podcasts!

  • Alex

    Sad to hear, I do enjoy the movielicious – but best of luck for the future. I am only resentful that I have to now learn french! :_)

  • Jpwilbanks

    I wish I knew how to quit you.

    Patrick, you will be missed…but you MUST force your way onto as many Frogpants shows as is healthy. I would actually love, love, love to have you guest on a Film Sack or two.

  • Tristan

    🙁 movielicious was the one and only movie podcast i listened to… Gonna miss your French ways Patrick <3

  • I thought the french  only worked 6 days a week or something??  😉 Best of luck Patrick, I’m sure there will be new worthwhile journeys in the future.

  • I know, right? And I hear when you learn French, you start smelling like cheese, too! 😉

  • Down the line I’m sure I’ll be back in many places, including Frogpants.

  • Just wanted to add *yet another* thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and send a few words. I Honestly didn’t expect to see that many; between here and the social networks we’re reaching into the hundreds and I’m completely overwhelmed by the response.
    So once again, I’m very proud and glad to be part of this amazing community, and I thank each one of you very sincerely for your very kind words.

    Love to all. 🙂

  • Jeromelmd

    This is the saddest news I have heard today. The movielicious podcast is one of the best shows out there. It will surely be missed!

  • John Beck

    I have had the enormous honor and pleasure of being on both of these fine podcasts and I must say I am saddened by this and respectful of Patrick’s tough decisions to better his health. Thank you so much for such an amazing run Patrick.

  • olit123

    Nooooo, out of the 50 or so shows i’m subscribed to on Itunes Movielicious was always one of my favourites, it shall be sorely missed :'(

  • I am not going to lie shed a few manly tears because you guys have been a great company. You helped me typing essays; with news and you made me laugh. Thank you patrick for an amazing experience and I hope you get better soon. 

    All the best, best of everything

  • p.s. I wish you the best of luck my friend and hope you return 

  • Jake Kroker

    Sad news but good to hear it is to look after yourself.  The Phileas Club is one of the absolute highlights of my month, thank you so much for all the informative and thought provoking shows.  I will look forward to the “maybe” that it could come back. 

  • Jk Brown66

    I was introduced to you and T via the Tech News Today podcast and several months back decided to start listening to Movielicious and totally loved it! You guys were great together and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Movielicious while treadmilling at the gym. Best of luck on your new endeavors, but you, T, and Nicole will be sorely missed. Well, at least I’ll have the archives to listen to!

  • Graham

    Thank you, Patrick.  The Movilicious was a good laugh, and the only reason I watched Kick Ass – who thought a Nicolas Cage film could be entertaining!  But far more importantly, thank you for the Phileas Club.  A politics show far better than anything I can find on BBC News, Sky News, RT, or Al Jazeera.  Hearing the views of other nations, rather than just a news network’s bias, is so refreshing.  It shouldn’t be needed, but really is, and I’ll miss it.

  • Thanks, The Phileas Club has a special place in my heart indeed; I really loved its idea… Maybe one day it’ll come back somehow.

  • Robin

    Dear Patrick, thank you for being a wonderfully thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining presence through your podcasts. I appreciate all your amazing, hard work to produce The Phileas Club and The Movielicious! For all that you have given to us, may all the best come to you!

  • Alerion

    Good luck Patrick
    I enjoy seeing you on tech News Today and look forward to you non reverent point of view

  • Thanks! I enjoy giving my point of view to people (often when they don’t care, even), so it works out. 🙂

  • As a listener to both podcasts (not from the beginning, I only discovered podcasts at all a couple of years ago!) I will be sad to see these two go. The Philias club was always interesting to hear about what people around the world saw of, and thought of various news stories. (although I always wanted more brits on there so I could hear what the world thought of our local news! Although I’m sure listeners from every country thought that!).

    I still have the Dark Knight rises episode of Movielicious in my ipod playlist, that I refused to listen to at the time for fear of spoilers. As I have still to see the film or hear any spoilers about it I can at least say the Movielicious is not yet technically over for me until I’ve seen it and listened to the podcast!

    And now since I’m trying to learn french so I can speak to my girlfriend’s family, I suppose I should give some of your french language ones a try instead!

    Good luck to you, and may you return to the english language podcasting when you can!

  • Aj

    I miss these shows. Kind of a lot.

  • So do I, still… :/

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  • George Anderson

    Just listened to the whole Movielicious run again. When are you going to bring my all time favorite podcast back? You cited your busy work schedule as the reason for the indefinite hiatus, but I hear you left Blizzard to pursue podcasting. Why no Movielicious announcement yet? Too busy riding bicycles and eating baguettes? Whether or not you bring this show back, I’m very glad to have you back in the podcasting world, you’re one of my favorite podcasters. Thanks Patrick.

  • Ha, thanks for listening to the whole thing (again), it really makes me happy that people appreciate this still. 🙂
    The issue is mainly a busy schedule, but not just mine: Nicole and Mark have or will soon have babies and other activities, which make the whole thing a lot more complicated (especially since this show requires us going to the movies a whole lot). So still not in the plans for a comeback… Sorry!